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November 15, 2016 - Fayette County Chamber of Commerce.  

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May 14, 2016 - The following review appeared in the May 2016 issue of the Monthly Book Review publication, "Reviewer's Bookwatch".  

Webmaster note: the hardcover edition of Three Deuces Down (Book 1) is out of print; only the paperback and ebook editions are available for this title.

Click Here to go to Clint's Bookshelf, scroll down to his last entry of review to read the entry.

 April 12, 2016 - The following release was featured on April 11, 2016 on the Dew on the Kudzu blog.  

Kinah Lindsay aka "Idgie"
Dew on the Kudzu

"Book Pusher and Paper Enthusiast"

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to read the entry.

 January 9, 2016 - review on dru's book musings (a reading blog).  

    Click Here to read the entry.

December 2015  - Tennessee Libraries - Book Review   

REVIEW JUST PUBLISHED FOR BOOK 3, Three Devils Dancing. The following review was published in Tennessee Libraries (65.4): Three Devils Dancing. Book Review Editor for Tennessee Libraries, Sandra C. Clariday Associate Dean for Library & Information Services Tennessee Wesleyan College (retired) submitted the review.

Click Here to read the review.

 December 6,  2015  - Mountain Press: "Gatlinburg author publishes 6th book in series"

 MP - 20151206

July 2015  - Tennessee Libraries - Book Review   

REVIEW JUST PUBLISHED FOR BOOK 2, Three Days Dead. The following review was published in Tennessee Libraries (65.2): Three Days Dead. Book Review Editor for Tennessee Libraries, Kathy Campbell of Sherrod Library from East Tennessee State University submitted the review.

Click Here to read the review.

 April 2015  - Tennessee Libraries - Book Review   

Click Here to read the entry.

February 2015 - Midwest Book Review

Senior Reviewer Able Greenspan featured a review of Three Dragons Doomed in the February 2015 (current edition) of the online book review magazine "MBR (Midwest Book Review) Bookwatch".

Greenspan's Bookshelf

Critique: Simply stated, Keith Donnelly is a master of the mystery/suspense genre with a truly impressive ability to craft complex storylines and populate them with truly memorable characters. The fifth volume in the Donald Youngblood mystery series, "Three Dragons Doomed" is a solid entertainment from first page to last and highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections. It should be noted that "Three Dragons Doomed" is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.99).

Synopsis and review can be found at the following link:

 October 12 - Kingsport Times News, Sunday 

Click Here to read the entry.

 September 11, 2014 - Mary Sanchez: Johnson City Press 

Click Here to read the entry.

 August 22, 2014 - Mountain Press: "Local mystery novelist signs books at PF library"  

MP Announcement

 August 17, 2014 - Mountain Press: "Local author releases 5th book in mystery series"  

    Mtn Press

 August 15, 2014 - Book review for Three Dragons Doomed on dru's book musings.  

    Click Here to read the entry.

 August 6, 2014 - Posted by Idgie for Dew On the Kudzu reading blog .  

    Click Here to read the entry.

 "On the Case with Billy Two Feathers," on dru's book musings - a reading blog.  

    Click Here to read the entry.

NewSouth, Inc. July 8, 2014 blog, Three Deuces Down (Book 1 - new paperback edition) and Three Dragons Doomed (Book 5 - just released) are featured in this entry.  

    Click Here to read the complete entry.

Writer Keith Donnelly will be speaking at the October Lost State Writers Guild meeting in Johnson City, Golden Corral Restaurant, Browns Mill Road, Oct. 3, 11:30am. 

    Read the complete promo @

Mountain Press Editorial: Three Cheers Apr. 12, 2013 @ 11:54 PM Anna Porter Library has terrific event scheduled Tuesday, April 16, in celebration of Library Week. Gatlinburg author Keith Donnelly will be the special guest.

April 9, 2013 - Article in The Mountain Press Newspaper

                 To view this image as a PDF file, click HERE.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - Kingsport Times News
Author Keith Donnelly to address Kingsport Civitan Club By staff report  

     Keith Donnelly, author of the Donald Youngblood mystery series, will be the guest speaker at Thursday’s meeting of the Kingsport Civitan Club.
     The club will meet at 11:30 a.m. at the Golden Corral on Eastman Road. The public is invited to attend.
     Donnelly released the fourth book in the Youngblood series, “Three Deadly Drops,” in September. This follows “Three Deuces Down,” “Three Days Dead” and “Three Devils Dancing.”
     In the fourth Donald Youngblood mystery, more than a year has passed since Don closed the file on the “Three Devils” case. His personal life is trending upward, his business is booming, and no one has come to him with a case likely to get him killed.
     All of that changes when Jessica Crane walks into his office, asking him to look into the apparent heart attack death of her husband.
     Don is convinced that Jessica’s request is just the delusion of a grieving widow, but as he goes through the motions of his investigations, he uncovers a mysterious note and a 20-year-old photograph of a group of soldiers known as the Southside Seven. Don soon thinks the grieving widow might be on to something.
     The Silver Star, a soldier with a stress problem, an Army Ranger black ops mission gone wrong, a mysterious assassin, and a missing vial are all pieces to the puzzle that Don races to fit together before anyone else dies.
     In the desert of New Mexico, the bayou country of Louisiana, the mean streets of Memphis, and small towns in South Carolina and Kentucky, a haunting mystery unfolds as Donald Youngblood uncovers a startling secret from Desert Storm that haunted the seven men who shared it.
     Born and raised in Johnson City, Donnelly attended Science Hill High School and East Tennessee State University where he graduated with a degree in economics. He accepted a job with Kingsport Press and soon found himself in the New York City world of publishing. In one way or another, books have been his life for more than 40 years.
     Donnelly spent 18 years in the Northeast as a book manufacturing sales representative. In 1992, ready for a change, he moved back to Tennessee to open a new sales office for the Maple-Vail Book Manufacturing Group. The urge to write was always lurking in the back of his mind.
     In 2007 he signed a publishing contract with NewSouth Books in Montgomery, Ala., and “Three Deuces Down” was released in January 2008. He signed one-book contracts with John F. Blair, Publisher, in Winston-Salem, N.C., for “Three Days Dead,” released in May 2009, and “Three Devils Dancing,” released in January 2011.
     Donnelly and his wife, Tessa, live in Gatlinburg.
     In addition to his appearance at the Kingsport Civitan Club meeting, Donnelly will participate in The Holiday Book Fair from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Dec. 1, at the Kingsport Town Center, along with other members of the Lost State Writers Guild. All of his books will be available to purchase, and he will autograph and personalize the books. For more information about Donnelly and his books, visit In addition to this website, all Donald Youngblood mysteries are available for purchase online at, and You can also order copies by phone via the John F. Blair, Publisher toll-free line by calling (800) 222-9796.

To view a pdf copy of the original article, click HERE.

October 2012 - Small Press Bookwatch - online book review magazine (Mystery Shelf) by Midwest Book Review, features a review of Three Deadly Drops. See final entry.

Three Deadly Drops
Keith Donnelly
Hummingbird Books
PO Box 1386, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
9780895875877, $26.95,

An unexplained heart attack can make many suspicious. "Three Deadly Drops" follows Donald Youngblood in his fourth mystery. Looking into the fate of a dead veteran and how his ties to his unit could explain his sudden death which was too quickly ruled a heart attack, Youngblood digs deeper and deeper to find the truth. "Three Deadly Drops" is an exciting mystery that will prove hard to put down, much recommended.

October 4, 2012 - REVIEW: Dru's Book Musings (a reading blog) by Dru Ann Love

To view "dru's book musings ", click HERE.

September 28, 2012 - Friday - "Dew on the Kudzu" (a reading blog)
Keith's fourth book, Three Deadly Drops

To view "Dew on the Kudzu", click HERE.

August 31, 2012 - Friday - "dru's book musings" (a reading blog)
Keith's "A Day in the Life"

To view "dru's book musings", click HERE.

July 31, 2012 - Wednesday - From The Mountain Press
Donnelly pens fourth Youngblood book

Gatlinburg author Keith Donnelly has released the fourth book in his series documenting the escapades of private investigator Donald Youngblood. “Three Deadly Drops” is described as a story of greed and revenge as Youngblood unravels the mystery of the Southside Seven before someone else dies. It all begins when Jessica Crane walks into Youngblood’s office asking him to look into the apparent heart-attack death of her husband. At first, the investigator is convinced it is just the delusions of a grieving widow. But as he goes through the motions of his investigations, uncovering a seemingly threatening note and a 20-yearold picture from Desert Storm, he starts to think there may be more to the death of Walter Crane than natural causes. The investigation takes Youngblood to New Mexico, Louisiana, Memphis, and small towns in South Carolina and Kentucky. Signed copies of Donnelly’s book can be purchased at Buie Pottery on Highway 321 in Gatlinburg. Personalized copies are available at www.donaldyoungbloodmysteries. com. Books can also be purchased at and as well as through Books- A-Million in Sevierville. Donnelly, a 20-year resident of Gatlinburg, spent years in the New York City publishing world before returning to his East Tennessee roots. From 1992 until his retirement in 2009, he was the Southeastern sales representative for Maple-Vail Book Manufacturing Group in Gatlinburg until he retired to write full-time. He is a member of Gatlinburg United Methodist Church and the Great Smoky Mountains Association. In addition to the Donald Youngblood series, Donnelly collaborated with other mystery writers in 2009 on a special project in a book of recipes compiled by Susan Whitfield called “Killer Recipes.” All profits are donated to the American Cancer Society. “Killer Recipes” is available online. Donnelly is currently working on the fifth book in the Youngblood series.

To view the article at its source, click HERE.

June 2012 - EXCERPT from The Treasure Coast Civitan Newsletter

tcc june edit
                 To view this image as a PDF file, click HERE.


February 22, 2012 - Wednesday - From The Charlotte Observer
Library Brings Readers, Authors Together by John A. Anderson

It seems the Union County Public Library is quite proactive in bringing readers and writers together.
I availed myself of the opportunity to meet an author last month at the Friends of the Union County Library Winter Author Dinner.
The featured author was Keith Donnelly, creator of "Donald Youngblood, PI." Donnelly was entertaining and generous with his time on stage as he described his writing process, and shared with the audience how he is never quite sure where the book is going when he starts a novel. He also kept us smiling with stories of local people in east Tennessee who are sure they know who the models are for Donnelly's recurring characters . . .
One thought has kept me grinning since the dinner with Keith Donnelly: Denise Milliken, a board member with the Friends of The library dressed in a red devil costume in homage to Donnelly's third novel, "Three Devils Dancing." I gather this is something she does annually . . .
John Anderson is a freelance writer for the Charlotte Observer.


January 29, 2012 - From the Bristol Herald Courier by Joe Tennis
Three Devils Dancing

"Three Devils Dancing," Keith Donnelly, (Hummingbird Books, $24.95, 2011)
Keith Donnelly cruises through another funny, engrossing tale of Donald "Don" Youngblood's mysteries with "Three Devils Dancing."
It's the latest in the former Johnson City, Tenn., resident's series with novels that all have a T.D.D.-style title. (The first was 2008's "Three Deuces Down," and the second was 2009's "Three Days Dead.")
All involved Youngblood, a character who was once a Wall Street whiz kid and now a private investigator.
In this volume, Youngblood tries to settle down and get some rest. He wants to live an easy life.
But then a young girl with a strange and mysterious tattoo shows up dead on a local lake, and the girl's father asks Youngblood to investigate.
Before you know it, the pages are flying by, and Donnelly has taken the reader on a journey that involves a three-year-old girl getting kidnapped and the continuous mystery of trying to determine the meaning behind that strange tattoo.
It's a whirlwind of words worth riding.
"Although this is a work of fiction, most of the places in the story are real," Donnelly writes in an author's note.
"You might recognize places from Gatlinburg, where I reside, and Johnson City, my hometown. I have transplanted them to Don's fictional town. Don's lake house is very much like my mountain home in Gatlinburg, except that below my bottom deck is not a lake but rather a tennis court and hundreds of acres of undeveloped land beyond."
» Keith Donnelly is speaking on Wednesday, Feb. 1, noon, at the Johnson City Public Library, 100 West Millard Street, during the Friends of the Library's Brown Bag series. Call (423) 434-4450.

To view the article at its source, click HERE.


January 4, 2012

Union Update Logo
Mystery Writer Keith Donnelly to Speak at the Winter Author Dinner

Keith Donnelly, the author of the Donald Youngblood mystery series, will be the speaker at The Friends of the Union County Public Library's Winter Author Dinner on Thursday, Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. at South Piedmont Community College Conference Center in Monroe.
The Winter Author Dinner is one of the major fundraising activities of The Friends of the Union County Public Library. Tickets are $35 and are available by calling Renee Hottle at 704-907-9190 or emailing her at
The Friends of Union County Public Library funds various programs offered at the Union County Public Library's four branches. Last summer the group was a sponsor of the library's Summer Reading Program for children and teens in Union County.
"It is thanks to the kind contribution, support, and hard work of The Friends of the Union County Public Library that we were able offer programs that were attended by over 8,000 children over the summer," said Kacy Vega, children's services coordinator for the library system. Funds provided by The Friends of Union County Library augment local government funding.
This year's speaker, Keith Donnelly, writes mysteries featuring private investigator Donald Youngblood. One review noted that the characters were people that you wouldn't mind hanging out with for a few hours at a barbeque. Donnelly joins the ranks of other notable southern mystery writers such as Margaret Maron and Mark de Castrique.
Donnelly grew up in east Tennessee. He attended East Tennessee State University earning a B.S. in Economics. After a long career as a book manufacturing sales representative, Donnelly retired in 2009 to become a full-time writer. He is currently working on a fourth Donald Youngblood mystery. Books will be available for purchase by cash or check at the program.


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