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Dedicated to fans of the Donald Youngblood Mystery series.
Thank you for your encouragement and support!

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Praise for the Donald Youngblood Mystery Series


By CJ on Amazon: 9/19/17  -  5 Stars
I became interested in Mr. Donnelly's books after a visit to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the Buie Pottery Shop. There was a table of his books for sale and as I examined them the owner explained how Mr. Donnelly was a resident and would be in later if I would like to meet him. I bought the books but unfortunately, due to travel agenda restraints did not get to meet him. Someday, I will return and will wait to meet Mr. Donnelly and ask him to sign the books that I have enjoyed reading.    I am a big fan of the older John D McDonald's Travis McGee and Ed McBain's 43rd Precinct series and Mr. Donnelly's Youngblood series has earned the same respect and adoration. Well written suspense that keeps a reader on the edge of their seat set in an area of the United States that I love and enjoy traveling with Mr. Youngblood and his associates as they unravel the mysteries.


By Joseph Mackley on Amazon: 5/4/17  -  5 Stars
I've just recently retired and now I make time to read. This series was recommended to me by friends. Excellent read. Love that Mary. Like the East Tennessee setting. I'm a cheap read and don't want to pay full price for any book so it took me three months to acquire through eBay and Kindle. Worth the wait.


By GL on Amazon: 5/3/17  -  5 Stars
I have read all his books so far and I enjoyed them all. I just recommended his books to someone this morning.


By Amazon Customer: 4/24/17  -  4 Stars
As with other offerings Mr. Donnelly has kept me interested from start to finish. His ability to make me feel as if he is relating a real life experience is why I eagerly wait for his next work. If only they would use some of these for movies or TV programming then the boneheaded could enjoy his story telling.


By ZB on Amazon:  3/27/17  -  5 Stars
Love this series. Highest recommendation. Good stories and dialogue. Likeable characters.


By DeAnn on Amazon: 1/6/17  -  5 Stars
Love the Donald Youngblood series! Suspenseful but not frightening. Very quick read, didn't want to put it down. Thank you Keith Donnelly.


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