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Reader Reviews for "Three Daggers Dripping"

Dedicated to fans of the Donald Youngblood Mystery series.
Thank you for your encouragement and support!

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I find myself, once again, in the “doldrums” – being between completing reading of Book 6 and awaiting publication of Book 7 of DY Blood mystery adventures.
Wish I could think of something clever to express my enjoyment of being a fan of Keith/Youngblood; I can’t, so I will simply state – I thoroughly enjoyed Three Daggers. If I may, I will simply say that each story seems to get better; if that is possible. I am resigned to the fact that now I just have to be patient until time to rejoin “the family” for tale #7 in the series! Thank you Keith, for your superbly talented efforts.
- GF, Chuckey TN  (January 2016)


Just finished Three Dragons Dripping and truly enjoyed your work.
Liked the way Blood worked on two cases at the same time and being a retired basketball coach the b'ball included was cool.
- LR, Alton IL  (January 2016)


Way to go, . . . another great read.
I should make a feta omelet.
- JMc, Buchanan TN (December 2015)


I loved your new book. I always look forward to the next one.
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift to spin an interesting story.
[From] Your biggest fan.
- MV,Winnabow NC (December 2015)   


Thanks for another fantastic adventure.
I just finished Three Daggers Dripping and I loved it. You have put together another wonderful, intriguing and exciting story and I had trouble putting it down. My only regret is that I now have to wait for the next one. Probably will go back and read the first five books again . . .
- JO, Malden MA (December 2015)


Just finished the book . . .
Each one gets better and better – still clear, crisp writing but plots more clever and convoluted. Real winners! . . . Also like that the cast of characters reappears in each book as well as new ones being added.
- SC, Stamford CT (December 2015)


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