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Ask Donald Youngblood

A portion of the website dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions about the Donald Youngblood Mystery Series, the author, and whatever other questions readers may come up with!



With book five now history I have been working daily on book six.  I would estimate I am one third of the way through. Stay tuned for updates.

- Keith


I just finished Three Devils Dancing and what a great book! I love all of your stories! I am often sad when I am done with the books because I get so attached to Don, Mary, Lacy, Billy and the rest of the! I can't wait until the next book! My question is has anyone ever approached you about making one of the books into a movie, TV movie or mini series?
- Ali S., Huntington, WV

Ali, Thanks for the kind words. Don, Mary, Lacy, Billy and the rest of the inner circle appreciate your support. So far, no movie or TV offers. BUT, we remain hopeful!
- Keith


Why do your books have the same beginning letters ? T____ D____D____ ? FYI... my wife loves your stories. She can't wait for the next book...
- Ed C., Brooklyn, MI

Three D D wasn't really planned it just happened. Three Deuces Down had always been the working title for book one. I thought it had a nice ring to it for a mystery. When the time came to title book two, Three Days Dead seem to fit so we went with it and I guess that's when we thought we might as well continue with 3DD. Book four and book five will also be 3DD titles.
- Keith


[What is the significance of the particular tattoos and the folded clothes in Three Devils Dancing?]
"...Too often stories get resolved neatly at the end ( oft times in a mad and unrewarding rush). You chose not to explain the significance of the particular tattoos, nor of the folding of the victims' clothing...Now you had obviously given this some considerable thought as it represented a major thread throughout the tale and I surmise that you had a good reason to focus on those clues. That said ,why did you choose not to provide some explanation as to the role they played in the perpetrator's mind?
I [never] get the chance to ask a writer about his book and why he chose to turn left or right when developing his story. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, but could not help feeling that there was another story behind why it ended the way it did."
- Tony W., Charlotte, NC

The subtle clues in Three Devils Dancing (maybe too subtle) to the tattoos and to the folded clothes were in the prologue. Remember the clothes laid out on the bed? Don, of course, could never make this connection. He never knew. And because the story is told in the first person Don can only know so much.
The killer was mad at God, so he chose the anti-Christ as his symbol of getting even. Well, anyway, that's what I think. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a serial killer!
And you're right, I like to leave a few loose ends. Life is never absolute, as in Three Days Dead. Was Tracy's death a suicide or an accident? There are some things the reader has to decide.


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This page last updated on: 07/20/2014

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